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Google Voice Broadband Phone!

Google Voice Phone offers a way to connect a standard telephone to Google Voice. Google Voice is a FREE service from Google. We make it more convienient by connecting Google Voice to a standard telephone. There is a one time fee to connect your Google Voice Account to a telephone adapter.

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What is Google Voice Phone?

Google Voice Phone allows you to connect a standard telephone to the FREE Google Voice Service. Google Voice allows FREE UNLIMITED calling to USA and Canada and gives you a USA number from the city of your choice. We provide a pre-programmed adapter (ATA) that turns Google Voice into a free VoIP service. Google Voice allows unlimited calling to USA and Canada and gives you a USA number to receive calls. Normally Google Voice allows calling from a computer or Google Hangouts, and in many cases only while in the USA. With this soluton, you get a way to connect and use a standard telephone to the Google Voice Service, just like the major VoIP providers. You will never pay a monthly, nor annual fee, and it works from anywhere in the world.

Please note: Google Voice has no 911 calling, however our Google Voice Phone now integrates GV911 for those residing inside the USA. If you are in the USA and want to use Google Voice Phone, please be sure to register at GV911.com. Once registered the 911 routing to GV911 is automatic. After signing up at GV911 be sure to test your 922 and 911 calling as recommend by GV911.

What do I need to use Google Voice Phone?

You need a broadband Internet connection, with an available Ethernet port, and a regular corded or cordless phone. If you already have a Google Voice Account, great, we can use that! If not, we can help you set up your own Google Voice Account, but you will need to have a working Gmail account (that you can log into, and with an address @gmail.com) first, then initiate payment via PayPal. The rest we can do via remote control to your computer. You will then receive an ATA device, programmed and ready to connect to your modem and phone.

Can I use Google Voice Phone from my Smartphone?

If you want to use Google Voice Phone from your smartphone, you will need most any SIP compatible Softphone, such as Media5, Voiper or Bria. We do only the configuration of the softphone, we do not provide it. In some cases there are paid and free versions of these apps, check carefully as some free versions may have limitations like not allowing use with mobile data.

What does it cost?

The service is provided by Google Voice itself, and it is FREE. However, in order to connect a device that uses Google Voice as a Broadband Phone, there is a cost associated with the device, the configuration and shipping. We charge a ONE TIME FEE of $99 USD. There are no recurring annual, nor monthly fees, nor even taxes! We only accept payments via PayPal, but you can pay with a credit card without a PayPal account in most cases. We ship anywhere in Mexico free. We can also ship to other international destinations at an additional cost.

Can I use the same Google Voice Account from multiple locations?

The simple answer is yes, you can! You will need more than one ATA device. For this, whether you want to program one you have or buy one from us pre-programmed, it is possible. Please contact us for information, and whether you want to program your own device or purchase one already programmed.

How do I order?

Click the PayPal link below to get the order started. Please be advised if you are outside of San Miguel de Allende, we CAN NOT fill orders requiring softphone configuration. If you are not in San Miguel de Allende, do not order a softphone configuration.