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Google Voice Broadband Phone!

Google Voice Phone offers a way to connect a standard telephone to Google Voice. Google Voice is a FREE service from Google. We make it more convienient by connecting Google Voice to a standard telephone. There is a one time fee to connect your Google Voice Account to a telephone adapter.

Flat Rate Calling to The Destination of Your Choice

Our "Popular Countries Bundle", includes flat rate residental calling to land lines (no mobile phones) in Australia, England, Ireland, and Mexico for just $59.99 Per year. Residential Plans are limited to use in a residence, and for personal calls only. Ask us about the counties you call frequently.

DIDs or DDIs for a Virtual Local Presence

DIDs or DDIs, are incoming numbers to receive calls from a local number from the city or country of your choice. This would work in addition to your Google Voice number ringing the same phone. Not all cities are available. We currently have London UK DIDs in stock and on sale for just $4.99 USD per month with unlimited inbound calls. Please note that additional DIDs/DDIs can not make Use of Google Voice VoiceMail features however a separate Voicemail to email system is used.

USA E911 Service

USA Emergency 911 dialing sevice . You need only register and pay at GV911.com. 911 service is a basic requirement if using your Google Voice Phone from the USA, and all 911 call routing is automatic, as long as your device passes the 911 call to us. No special configuration is required.