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Google Voice Broadband Phone!

Google Voice Phone offers a way to connect a standard telephone to Google Voice. Google Voice is a FREE service from Google. We make it more convienient by connecting Google Voice to a standard telephone. There is a one time fee to connect your Google Voice Account to a telephone adapter.

Bring Your Own Device

If you want to bring your own device; telephone, ATA or Asterisk, we now allow the connection of two devices, one over UDP and one over TCP. Pay a one time fee of $33 USD or pay $12 USD per year by subscription. for the moment, you will need to get your refresh token from the Google console.

For USA based users, you now get GV911 emergency caslling integrated, giving you a complete phone solution available at home and on a mobile device. The GV911 solution is integrated to the service but not included in the price. You must have your own account with GV911. Once you have your GV911 account there is nothing more to do. When you dial 911 from your Google Voice Phone conencted by way of our system, your calls will route to GV911 and then on to your 911 dispatcher, based on GV911 routing for your number. We are not afiliated with GV911 in any way, we only have their 911 service integrated.

You will need to get your own refresh token from Google as described in this tutorial. You must first make payment then you will receive our client ID which is required to generate your refresh token.

Ask us about other services like flat rate calling to the country of your choice, Incoming numbers from most any country in the world, or USA e911 service.

   Pay only $33 USD one time

Pay only $12 USD per year