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Google Voice Broadband Phone!

Google Voice Phone offers a way to connect a standard telephone to Google Voice. Google Voice is a FREE service from Google. We make it more convienient by connecting Google Voice to a standard telephone. There is a one time fee to connect your Google Voice Account to a telephone adapter.

What is an ATA or ATA device?

ATA refers to a device that is used to connect a standard analog telephone; corded or cordless, to a VoIP service, in our case Google Voice.

What is a softphone?

Softphone refers to an app on Androoid or iPhone that permits a connection to a VoIp service, or in our case Google Voice.

How do I dial from GoogleVoicePhone?

To Calls to USA or Canada, dial 1[AreaCode][Number] or [AreaCode][Number], but also if the number you are dialing has the same area code as your own you can dial [Number] (7 Digits). For numbers ourside of the USA and Canada dial 011[Country Code][AreaCode][Number]

How does the 911 service work?

GoogleVoicePhone does not offer 911 service. Theservice is offered by GV911. We only offer integrated routing, exclusively to GV911.

Is there an account login? How do I log in?

You can log in to your Google Voice Account and see your call logs, review text and voice messages. Log in at http://voice.google.com. If you are already logged in to the associated Gmail account you will also be logged in to the Google Voice account.

Does Google Voice Phone allow me to call outside of the USA and Canada?

Yes, with Google Voice Phone you can pay Google Voice rates to call most any country in the world. You need to fund your Google Voice account. You can also receive calls from anywhere in the world. Callers need only call your Google Voice USA number. If you will be making frequent calls to a single or a few destinations, you may want to look at our sister site, IceVoIP.com where you can combine Google Voice with flat rate international calling to many destinations.

Does Google Voice Phone offer digital features like voice mail, caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, and three way calling?

Yes, all of the aforementioned services are available. Features such as call forwarding are available by way of the Google Voice Web Site. Google Voice also offers transcribed voice mails to your email, as well as SMS (text) messaging. Other services are explained below.

How do I change my voicemail greeting?

First you MUST set a PIN in the Google Voice Web portal. To change your voicemail greeting from your GoogleVoicePhone or from any phone associated with your Google Voice Account:

You can also log in to the Google Voice Portal and record a greeting there

How do I use three way calling?

With most devices to initiate a three wall call, call the first party and after they answer, use the flash or momentarily hit the hookswitch button. You will get a dial tone while the first call is on hold. Now dial the second call. When the party answers, hit the flash button or hookswich again, and you will now be connected to both parties.

How do I answer call waiting?

If you are on a call and hear a tone, this is a call waiting tone. You can either hang up the first call and wait for the second call to ring, or hit the flash or the hookswitch button momentarily and switch to the second call while the first is on hold. To return to the first call hit the flash or hookswitch again.

Can I block or blacklist callers?

Yes, see this page on the Google Support site.

Can I port a number to Google Voice?

Yes, but only cell numbers. If the number is not currently a cell number, you must first port it to a cell phone carrier. After you have it fully ported to a cell phone carrier, then follow the steps in the video below.

How do I order?

Click the PayPal link below to get the order started. Please be advised if you are outside of San Miguel de Allende, we CAN NOT fill orders requiring softphone configuration. If you are not in San Miguel de Allende, do not order a softphone configuration.