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Google Voice Broadband Phone!

Google Voice Phone offers a way to connect a standard telephone to Google Voice. Google Voice is a FREE service from Google. We make it more convienient by connecting Google Voice to a standard telephone. There is a one time fee to connect your Google Voice Account to a telephone adapter.

Terms of Service

GoogleVoicePhone.com is not to be used in any manner inconsistent with Google's terms of service or any manner inconsistent with the terms herein.

Release of liability: You expressly release GoogleVoicePhone from all liability and hold harmless from all claims which may arise associated with, from use of or lack of availability of 911/E911 capability. GoogleVoicePhone.com acts only as a conduit to GV911.com and there are several requirements, among others; having a broadband connection, valid GV911 account, and a device configured to access your GoogleVoicePhone account. You are free to use an alternate configuration like that presented at GV911.com for your device thereby completely removing GoogleVoicePhone.com from all handling of 911/E911 calls. Our GV911.com routing is offered only as a convenience. As GoogleVoicePhone.com acts only as a conduit to 911/E911 and this release of liability applies even if said conduit should fail.

Normal residential or low volume business use: GoogleVoicePhone is intended for normal residential use or low volume business use. High volume call center, automated dialing and/or robo calling is expressly forbidden.

Cancelations: By cancelling a PayPal annual or monthly subscription, you are hereby advised and agree that this will also cancel your PayPal subscription effective immediately without regard for remaining time in your current month or year, and no refunds l be given for said remaining time. We use the status of your PayPal subscription to determine your eligibility for the use of the system.

Revoking access: By revoking access to your Google Voice account, you agree that you may need to generate a new token later to re-activate, and this may result in a service fee. You can choose to send your calls elswhere in the Google Voice control panel without revoking access, and this is the preferred method.

BYOD Users: Are hereby notified that configuration support is offered on a limited basis. There is no way we can document the many different devices with different firmware revisions. The user agrees that he/she has a basic understanding of programming their own device and is solely responsible for doing so.

Cancellation of service by GoogleVoicePhone: : GoogleVoicePhone.com reserves the right to, and may cancel any account that we determine to be in violation of terms of service of Google or GooleVoicePhone.com.

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy policy is quite simple. We will not release any user's information except as required by any law enforcement agency producing appropriate authority. We do not engage in trading, selling or exchanging any personal information, in any way. We may however use the personal information provided to contact the end-user to for service notifications and promotions.